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About Us

Team expansion. The truth is different than what your broker owner is telling you. Our team has expanded across the world in just over four years. What you think you know about building a real estate team has evolved. What you might not realize is you have the same opportunity as eXp is just getting started!   Welcome to the Revolution!! #expproud 

Meet The Group

The eXp Realty Beginning

Glenn Sanford is the founder and CEO of eXp Realty and eXp World Holdings (EXPI). Glenn created eXp Realty in 2009 during the economic downturn.

Prior to founding eXp Realty, Glenn was a Keller Williams team leader. He led multiple teams across the country. When the downturn hit, Glenn’s business along with his entire team was greatly impacted.

This led Glenn to scale back and take a hard look at the entire real estate brokerage model. Glenn ultimately decided to create eXp Realty to serve as the “Amazon” of real estate brokerages.

and Beyond

Today, Glenn has acquired Success, becoming one of America's newest billionaires. As the CEO of Success, Glenn will continue to move eXp Realty forward with his focus on Agents.

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