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Since 1997, Brent Gove has been successfully selling real estate in the Sacramento area, following the example set by his parents, both long-time real estate agents. He and his team now sell hundreds of homes annually! Having sold over 4,000 homes in the past 23 years and the #11 World Wide Agent for his former home, Re/Max, along with running one of the largest Keller Williams franchise in the country, he is now with eXp Realty. 

A world traveler and in-demand speaker, Brent is the author of Momentum, the definitive resource on how to become a super-agent. 

Brent is passionate about both inspiring and teaching agents to not just be great ‘Sales’ agents, but actually build a lasting Real Estate Organization through eXp Realty’s platform and be an ‘owner’!!  He currently has over 11,000 agents in his organization. eXp has changed the way agents and brokers are compensated by owning a piece of the company through stock acquisition and participating in Revenue Share. Brent has been able to create a legacy that will go on for generations.

His greatest and proudest achievement is his 28 year marriage to his amazing wife, Kathy, and their 7 beautiful children.

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