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Amir Cackovic is Real Estate Wealth Builder, Coach, Investor, and Broker. With his creative approach and training, he is constantly testing new marketing systems in different markets to assure the maximum profit for his clients.
By the way, Amir is fluent in English, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian and German.

Almost everyone can get a real estate license within few months, and there are over 400,000 agents in California BUT what is the difference between good Realtor and bad Realtor between a successful Realtor and not so successful Realtor.

Not all Realtors are the same; not all doctors or attorneys are the same. If you have to have surgery, do you want someone who just finished school to operate you, or do you want a surgent with 847 surgeries behind him?

But what makes the difference?

A good contractor is someone who knows multiple trades so he/she can fix the plumbing leak besides only framing. Good doctors are someone who is all around educated so they can identify other symptoms besides their specialty, and the same applies to a good realtor. A good Realtor is someone who knows real estate macro and microeconomics, construction, financials, architecture, marketing, people, and management skills. Languages also make a difference. It is an old saying: “You are worth as many languages you speak.”

What is The Cackovic Difference?

My home library counts over 2000 books. I learn and educate myself all the time. The real estate market, marketing systems, and platforms are changing at a rapid pace. Whatever worked two years ago may not work today. Some systems are already outdated after just a few months. My Masters of Architecture degree from TU Munich, excessive marketing education, construction, and architectural experience in the USA and Europe sets me apart of 97% of other Realtors.

Amir Cackovic

Broker-Master Coach and Trainer

Prestige Realty Advisors,

brokered by eXp Realty
5921 Landis Ave
Carmichael, CA 95608
(916) 400-0000

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